Uber, the world’s biggest ride-sharing company, is expanding its safe driver bonus by up to $1 million to cover drivers who do not take home the full amount.

The bonus, which applies to drivers who have earned more than 10,000 rides, is available to drivers with two or more rides for a minimum of 12 months.

Uber said the bonus is a “first step in a long journey towards ensuring Uber can reward its drivers with the best rewards possible”.

The company, which has struggled to grow in the US after its acquisition of Grab, is looking to expand its US driver base by up 10% to 12% in the next three months.

Uber has been criticised for its lack of customer loyalty in the past and has had to re-prioritise drivers over the past few years.

With the new bonus, Uber is trying to make it easier for its drivers to earn the bonus and give it more weight with customers, as the number of rides on its platform has risen dramatically in the last two years.

Uber’s safe driver incentive is based on a $100,000 bonus for a first-time driver, with a further $250,000 in earnings for a second-time or more driver.

Drivers can earn up to 100% of their earnings from the incentive, which is worth $2,000 a week for the first six months, and $2.5 million for the second year.

Currently, drivers are only eligible for the safe driver bonuses if they have earned over 10,200 rides in a calendar year.

Uber said that it has now made changes to its driver benefits program and it will be introducing a new incentive system for drivers who earn more than 100,000 Uber rides over the next year.

This is likely to increase the number and the size of the rewards available to the driver base.

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