Walgreens announced a $1,000 bonus to help it keep its employees engaged and engaged.

It’s a first for the chain, which has had a reputation for making employees feel like their time is valuable.

Walmart is offering $2,000 to $3,000 for every year of retention.

Costco said it would offer $10,000 per employee in retention bonuses.

Costco also has a $10 million retention bonus program that has been expanded to other categories.

But Costco’s is more aggressive than Walgreen’s, offering a total of $100,000 in retention bonus to all employees and $200,000 annually for three years.

Costco employees earn the $2 million bonus, and Costco also gives a $2.25 million bonus to employees who remain at the company for three or more years.

Walmart also announced a retention bonus of $1.5 million to employees at the end of 2020.

Its retention bonus will last until the end in 2022.

“The loyalty program is part of our business philosophy,” a Walmart spokesman said.

“As a company, we know that loyalty drives our business and the value of our loyalty program drives our success.”

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Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on at Costco:1.

Costco is offering a $200 retention bonus for employees who stay for at least three years (or five if they work in the same store as a colleague).2.

Walmart has expanded its retention bonuses to other companies.

The company is offering an $18,000 retention bonus per employee to employees in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

The bonus will be available for five years.3.

Costco says it will also give $50,000 incentives to employees on the company’s new $1 million retention program, which it says will be extended to its existing retention bonuses as well.4.

Costco and Walmart are also offering $500 retention bonuses for those who remain for three to five years, and an additional $200 per employee for the five years following retention.5.

The bonuses will be distributed in two waves: 1) the first wave of retention bonuses will last for three months, and 2) the second wave will last five years and be available to employees for five to seven years.6.

Costco’s retention bonus is being rolled out in other countries as well, but it won’t be the first time it’s done so.

Walmart’s is in Canada, and it’s rolled out across the country.7.

The $200 bonus will begin with the first anniversary of the employee’s first birthday, which could mean the employee won’t receive their bonus until the following year.

Costco plans to reward employees for staying for at most five years from the first birthday of the first employee to the end date of the five-year retention bonus.

Costco has also extended its retention bonus and incentives to its associates for three and four years.8.

The incentive packages will be staggered, with the highest bonus for the third year.

The fourth and fifth years of the incentive packages are already available, and the fifth year is scheduled to begin in January 2021.9.

The retention bonuses and incentives will not be automatically paid out over the course of a year, but Costco has said it will start with an initial payment of $2 for the first year and $5 for the second.10.

Costco will offer employees $5,000 a year to stay on the job for five more years, if they are paid for the same amount of work they did last year.

In 2020, employees will get an additional 2 percent per year for the next five years if they stay for three, four or five years on average.

The Huffington Post asked Costco for a comment.

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