Hunters in Texas and Alabama can now receive bonus points for saving on their hunting license.

In addition to the $1,000 bonus, hunters can now earn 5,000 points for the first $10,000 in their savings account.

The program is called the Huntsman Savings Account Bonus Program and it’s part of a nationwide program that allows hunters to save on hunting licenses and hunting licenses licenses and ammunition.

In Texas, hunters who use the Huntsmans savings account earn 1,000 Huntsman points per $1 spent on hunting equipment and ammunition purchases.

In Alabama, hunters have to save $2,500 in their Huntsmans account for a total of $5,000.

The Huntsman Points program is part of the Texas and Oklahoma state hunting licenses, and is available for hunters in those states.

The Huntsman Point Program offers hunters the opportunity to earn 5 points per dollar spent on eligible hunting equipment purchases.

For example, a hunter with a hunting license in Texas could earn 5 Huntsman credits for $1.00 spent on a hunting rifle, and an additional 5 Huntsmen points for $2.00 on ammunition purchases, according to the Huntsmen program website.

Huntsman Points are available in hunting licenses only, and hunters must be at least 21 years old and live in Texas to apply.

The points program is offered to hunters and anglers with a minimum of $200,000 of hunting license and ammunition spend.

To earn Huntsman point, hunters must purchase hunting license or ammunition purchases from a participating hunting company or dealer in Texas or Alabama.

The retailer must be a participating retailer in Texas.

Hunters who qualify must pay for the purchase, which is then mailed to the hunter in a prepaid envelope.

Hunting license hunters can earn Huntsmans points by:

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