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Bonus armies will be free for all players in a free to play model 2.

There will be no limit to the number of bonus armies a player may have at any time 3.

All bonus armies will have a unique title and a unique number of troops 4.

Bonus army units will have the same bonuses as normal army units (the same bonuses for all armies) 5.

Players will be able to build up to five new army units for each of their armies 6.

Bonus units will not be able forgo additional units in battle or to take them into the battlefield 7.

There is no restriction on how many bonus units a player can have in a single game 8.

Bonus unit commanders will be allowed to command the armies of their players, and they will receive the same bonus as those in the command structure 9.

The amount of units and troops a player has will be set at the game’s beginning 10.

All players will be given access to the same map for free 11.

The ability to send bonus armies to other players in the world will not count against a player’s “free to play” limit 12.

Bonus armors and weapons will be unlocked at a set time (for example, every day) 13.

Bonus faction will be used for faction balance 14.

A new faction called “Factions” will be introduced for free 15.

Bonus characters and other bonuses will not cost any money in the game 16.

A special faction called the “Guilds” will come into the game with a “guild” name and a new set of rules 17.

The game will not have a “free play” or “in-app purchases” system.

There are no restrictions on the number, type, or type of game content that can be played 18.

Players are free to choose any of the existing factions in the universe they choose, but they will not get the option to play as a faction with a different name or faction type 19.

A faction’s name and faction type will be changed in the future as the game progresses 20.

A player’s bonus army will not appear on the map of a particular faction until they have unlocked that faction’s bonus unit 21.

Players can send up to three bonus armies at a time to other player’s worlds, but there will be a limit to how many times they can send a unit to any one world 22.

Bonus military units will be available for purchase at a discounted price on the game world (up to $1 per unit) 23.

There can be only one bonus army per world at a given time 24.

A single “gilded” faction is not a “Gilded” Faction 25.

The faction “Flaws” will have special rules regarding faction faction wars, and players will not receive any bonus in the event of a war 26.

The cost of the unit will be halved in war.

In war, players can buy extra troops to fight against their enemies.

This may include special units like tanks, drones, and other special weapons 27.

When a player uses a “spare” army to destroy a specific enemy faction, they will gain a reward (in gold or other form) 28.

Units are no longer available to purchase from the game store.

Units will be removed from the free-to-play version of the game and will be replaced with the full version of an upcoming expansion 29.

Units and equipment from the first two factions will be purchasable for real money 30.

The new faction of “Faults” will feature new rules regarding the “unfortunate consequences” of war, including a rule that if a player dies in a war, the game will continue until a new player wins the war.


All of the above information is still being worked on.

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