More articles A new study from Harvard University found that individuals who were actively saving and investing their money on a regular basis were able to save up to $1,000 per month.

The researchers surveyed more than 9,500 adults over the course of four years. 

Their findings showed that individuals with no savings and a high level of investment were able see an average annual savings of $1.13, while those with no investment and a low level of savings saw an average savings of just $2.17.

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, shows that individuals were able “to save up” by investing more of their money in the stock market.

“People who had no savings or high level investments were able not only to make big gains but also to make modest but consistent gains,” said Dr. Steven Schuster, one of the study’s authors. 

“They were able, on average, to save $4,000 more per year than those who had invested their money into stocks.” 

The study found that “people with no financial risk-taking skills or a lack of knowledge of financial planning were able” to save an average of $6,000 in a given year.

“Our findings demonstrate that many Americans who invest in the financial sector are investing in the wrong direction and are potentially missing out on the opportunity to make even more money,” said Katherine K. Smith, director of the National Center for Credit Counseling, a nonprofit organization that helps people with financial problems. 

The Harvard study is the first to look at the financial savings of people who were “actively saving” and not simply passively buying stocks and bonds. 

They were also able to invest their money to the tune of $3.7 trillion. 

In fact, the study found, “people who were active participants in saving and invested were able increase their financial security and improve their quality of life” by up to 14% in terms of their overall financial health. 

According to the study, the average financial security was also a positive indicator for the individuals “who were active” in their saving. 

For instance, people who “were actively saving” on an annual basis saw a 15% increase in their personal net worth and a 12% increase on their net worth per person, as compared to people who had “zero financial risk taking.”

“While these findings indicate that investing is a powerful and useful financial strategy for many people, their experiences may vary based on a person’s background and needs,” said K.P. Sullivan, the lead author of the report. 

Smith, Schuster and co-author of the research, Dr. John L. Smith Jr., noted that the findings also indicate that “individuals who have high levels of risk-tolerance and are active in their financial planning are able to make more money, especially for themselves.” 

“When we talk about active people, we are talking about people who are actively engaged in their lives and have the confidence to take action to ensure their financial health,” Schuster said.

“They have confidence that they are taking on risks and making decisions in a safe and responsible manner.

That is, they are actively taking risks and putting money into their accounts.” 

Schuster said that the results also show that “activists can be good stewards of their own money.”

“People need to understand that if you are actively saving, you can be a good steward of your own money,” he said. 

Schusters findings are the latest to indicate that active saving can have significant benefits for individuals, especially if the person’s level of risk tolerance is high.

In 2015, a Harvard University study found that individuals who saved more than $100,000 a year on a monthly basis and invested in the S&P 500 index “had an 18% higher net worth than people who invested less than $10,000 and did not actively save.” 

According a 2017 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a number of other studies also have suggested that active savings can boost personal financial health, including a recent study from the University of California, San Francisco, that “increased wealth and satisfaction among those who saved at least $100 a month, and a 2014 study that found that people who saved $10 a month or more had a 25% higher income than those with a lower level of saving.”

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