IGN’s The Escapist has just published an article with information about the upcoming bonus exchange.

As with the WSO, the new bonus exchange will be available to players with a deposit of $1,000,000 or more. 

This new bonus is intended to reward players who are willing to play at the highest level of competition and participate in a $50,000-per-week, $10,000 bonus pool. 

In addition to the WSOs bonus pool, there are a number of other bonuses that players will have access to. 

For starters, the WSP has a $10 million pool that can be used to unlock additional tournaments. 

The WSOP also has a number to which players can contribute, with $1 million in cash bonuses, a $1.5 million bonus pool to enter tournaments and an additional $50 million in bonus pool prize pool prize. 

Additionally, players can get additional bonuses through the online WSOP platform. 

Players can sign up for a free trial to the new rewards pool, and if they play at least 50 WSOP games over a three-month period, they will receive a bonus for each one. 

At the same time, players will also receive a $25,000 prize for every game played. 

On top of that, the bonus pool also offers $10-10,10 million bonus prize pools for the top two finishers in each season of the WSOTV. 

These bonus prizes are based on the amount of games played during the season. 

According to The Escampster, the $10.10 million prize pool is based on each of the top 10 players in the season who play 50 games. 

With that in mind, it is unlikely that the WSOTS will be a lucrative bonus pool for anyone. 

As for the $50.5-50.75 million prize pools, players won’t receive any additional bonuses, but there are some more surprises. 

If a player has been active in the WSOS for the last three years, he or she will receive $10 bonus for every win. 

However, players that have played in the past five years will receive an additional bonus of $20,000 for each win they win.

The new bonus pool is expected to come online sometime in February. 

It is unknown if players who participate in the new pool will receive additional prizes, but for now, this seems like a pretty reasonable reward. 

You can read more about the new WSOP Bonus Exchange at IGN and The Escapster.

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