How Google’s $100 billion acquisition of YouTube changed how we watch content

title How $100 Billion Google Acquisition Changed How We Watch Content article title The Next Google Acquisition: The Search Engine Landlord and the World's First YouTube Partner article title Google's acquisition of Youtube is changing how we view content article Title Google's Acquisition of Youtube Is Changing How We View Content article Title YouTube Partnering Makes it Easier to Watch

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How to Get a Better Shirt (Again)

When your mom wears a shirt with a giant picture of a dog on it, you're in for a treat.The mom in question, who goes by the moniker, The Mom, has been wearing her shirt for over a year now, and her shirt still keeps getting better and better with time.So what's the deal with this shirt that her mother

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Walmart bonuses, Q3: Where’s the money?

WalMart's quarterly bonus announced on Tuesday is an unprecedented milestone for the retailer, which saw its profit fall to $1.3bn in the third quarter of the year from $6bn a year earlier.Walmart announced that its annual bonus was a record-breaking $12.7bn for the third-quarter of 2016, the biggest payout ever at the company.The company said the boost in profits was

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