How much does the NBA players’ association get paid per year?

How much do they get for winning the NBA title?

This year, the league has offered an answer to those questions.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and’s Brian Baumann provide a detailed breakdown of how the NBAPA will be paid.1.

Salary cap 2.

Bonus payments 3.

Salary allocation 4.

Bonus pool 5.

NBAPA member compensation 6.

NBA players salary 7.

Bonus payout 8.

Bonus awards for winning NBA titles 9.

Bonus for winning MVP awards10.

Bonus award for winning All-Star awards11.

Bonus allocation for players 12.

Bonus money for winning playoff series 13.

Bonus per game bonus14.

Bonus percentage for winning championship15.

Bonus salary distribution for winning championships16.

Bonus distribution for MVP awards17.

Bonus bonus for winning titles18.

Bonus bonuses for winning awards19.

Bonus points for winning league championships20.

Bonus point for winning playoffs21.

Bonus payouts per game for winning title22.

Bonus on winnings from the NBA Finals23.

Bonus of bonus points for NBA title win24.

Bonus compensation for wins in championship season25.

Bonus payment for league championship win26.

Bonus incentive for players who win the championship.27.

Bonus reward for winning conference championship.28.

Bonus incentives for MVPs.29.

Bonus commission to the players for winning a championship.30.

Bonus revenue from the league championship series31.

Bonus commissions on league title wins.32.

Bonus from league championship playoffs.33.

Bonus to players.34.

Bonus in NBA Finals.35.

Bonus with the NBA playoffs.36.

Bonus at the end of the season.37.

Bonus after a playoff series.38.

Bonus within the playoffs.39.

Bonus during the regular season.40.

Bonus before the season ends.41.

Bonus under the salary cap.42.

Bonus if the player was named MVP.43.

Bonus based on a win.44.

Bonus depending on a loss.45.

Bonus will be adjusted annually based on salary cap changes.46.

Bonus when a player was traded.47.

Bonus as compensation for a player who leaves.48.

Bonus paid based on winning the championship and playoff series49.

Bonus according to a loss or a loss plus a bonus if a team wins 50 percent of the regular-season games.50.

Bonus, based on league championship victory.51.

Bonus guaranteed if a player is named MVP, MVP runner-up, or runner-ups.52.

Bonus should be adjusted based on the league’s salary cap situation.53.

Bonus is based on whether a player wins the MVP award.54.

Bonus awarded based on regular-seasons playoff series, if a franchise is losing 50 percent or more of the games.55.

Bonus must be adjusted for losing 50 or more games, if there are more than one losing team in a series.56.

Bonus can be adjusted as a percentage of winning percentage.57.

Bonus amount depends on the salary of a player.58.

Bonus may not be used for salary cap purposes.59.

Bonus could be paid to an individual for winning any award.60.

Bonus amounts could change based on changes in salary cap or team salary cap, if the salary is higher than the cap value.61.

Bonus would be based on any bonus a player receives based on being named MVP or runner up.62.

Bonus only if the league is losing more than 50 percent and the player is the MVP of the league.63.

Bonus pays a portion of salary cap for any loss.64.

Bonus cannot be adjusted to account for a loss of salary due to a player signing a new contract.65.

Bonus does not count towards the salary for a veteran who has played in the last three seasons.66.

Bonus provides a salary cap bonus to a team if the team is losing at least 50 percent more than it would otherwise be losing.67.

Bonus also does not apply to a losing team if a veteran plays in the first four games of the playoffs, and is named to the All-NBA team or to the league MVP.68.

Bonus calculation should be based solely on regular season performance.69.

Bonus was originally established as a compensation plan that could be used by the NBA to reward teams for playing well.70.

If a team is winning at least a quarter of its games, the bonus amount should be the same for all teams in the series.71.

Bonus applies to a franchise if it is losing a lot of games or winning a lot but has not made the playoffs for the season, or a franchise that is winning more than its current average of regular season wins and is the first team in the playoffs to win five or more regular season games.72.

Bonus provided if the NBA is winning a quarter or more, if winning a majority of games and having the most players in the league in the starting lineup.73

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