Chase points are a popular way to earn rewards from participating retailers, as well as other merchants and online companies.

The rewards are applied to your Chase account at the end of the month.

The Chase points can be redeemed for gift cards, travel, and other rewards.

Here’s how you earn Chase points and how to redeem them.

What to do with your Chase points You can redeem Chase points at participating retailers and online businesses.

You can earn up to 50,000 Chase points per month, per card.

You must have an active Chase account to earn points.

Chase will automatically give you points for purchases at participating merchants, but you can also redeem points on participating websites and apps.

Some merchants offer special offers on their website that will earn you extra points.

To earn points on Chase, you must have a Chase card and a Chase account.

The amount of points you earn can vary by the merchant.

If you don’t have enough points, you can redeem them at any time.

You should note that the Chase points you get from a merchant will be used for eligible purchases at the merchant, but your rewards will be deducted from your Chase card account.

What’s eligible?

If you purchase something from a participating retailer or online retailer, it’s not eligible to earn Chase credits or points.

You cannot redeem Chase credits for gift card purchases, travel rewards, or other Chase rewards.

How to redeem Chase credit cards How to use Chase points How to withdraw Chase credit card points When you redeem Chase card points for a purchase, you’ll get an email with the redemption code and your redemption link.

The redemption link will be emailed to you when you submit the transaction.

You’ll get the full amount of Chase credit within 24 hours.

The redeem code must be valid for at least 3 days, but not more than 7 days, to be valid.

Chase offers a variety of payment methods for redeeming Chase points.

Cash back programs: Some Chase credit programs offer cash back offers.

Some of these programs can offer rewards in the range of up to $50 per $1,000 you spend on eligible purchases.

Chase is currently testing the Cash Back program for the 2018 holiday season.

If the Cash back program becomes available, we’ll update this post with any news.

Cardmember rewards: Some cardmemberships are eligible for a Cash Back bonus.

For details, see this post.

Other cardmembership types: The Chase Card Rewards Program offers a number of rewards, including points on purchases, rewards on dining out, and free shipping.

You will earn the cash back in a certain amount of cash after each purchase, per day, for a set period of time.

Rewards for dining out include points on food, drink, and merchandise.

Cardmemberships for free shipping include points for eligible items and the cost of shipping, whichever is less.

Learn more about redeeming rewards.

The following categories are eligible to receive Chase points: Dining Out: A maximum of 5,000 points per transaction per account.

This is the maximum number of points that can be received.

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