CLINique’s latest bonus offers are now live!

The online lender is offering 500 points to anyone who makes at least $1,000 on their CLINiq card in 2018.

CLINiquest is the only bank in the world that offers this type of bonus, but its members can get the offer up to 50% off on all other CLINiques.

The bonus can be applied to any qualifying purchases made within the past three months, including groceries, electronics, furniture, and accessories.

CLinique also offers a “bonus credit” for every qualifying purchase.

These bonuses can be used to take advantage of other bonuses offered by the bank, as well as buy gift cards, travel, and travel insurance.

If you have already made a qualifying purchase, you won’t get a bonus for that one, but you will get a small amount of bonus points.

If your qualifying purchase isn’t eligible for the bonus, you’ll get another credit of up to $250 for that purchase.

CLInique’s new bonus offers can be viewed on the CLINix website.

The bank offers the offer to people who are: aged 18 to 65 (18-65 age bracket includes those under 21) or older, who have a CLINik card

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