The former FBI Director Charles Schowab has been accused of misleading Congress for years.

Schowab, a former member of the House Intelligence Committee and a member of Donald Trump’s transition team, was the lead author of the CIA’s infamous memo, “The President’s Iran Plan,” which detailed the plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Washington Post reported in 2017.

The memo, first published by the conservative Washington Examiner, alleged that President Donald Trump, then in office, had sought to use the Iran nuclear deal as a cover for a covert CIA operation to kill Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Schwab’s former colleagues on the House intelligence committee, as well as a number of prominent journalists and political figures, called out the document, which was released under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Schawab and his co-authors wrote that the “secret” Iran “plan” was “a major step in the CIA effort to acquire nuclear weapons.”

The document, the former Director wrote, was not authorized by the Iranian government.

Schiff, who was fired by Trump on March 3, 2018, said at the time that he “absolutely” believed the memo was accurate.

Schwerab, who has a long history of lying to Congress, has claimed that the CIA had no involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

SchWab, in a tweet Tuesday, said that he was “confident” that he never authorized the memo.

“I never authorized a memo,” Schowabs tweeted.

Schwanab has also claimed that he had been in contact with the CIA before Trump took office.

Schwaab, the first African-American director of the FBI, resigned from the bureau in May 2018.

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