As the days of the warrior fade, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

Whether you’re adventuring for glory in the Forgotten Realms, defending the realm from the horrors of the Burning Legion, or leading your own faction in the Everquest expansion, you’ll need to master the art of the warlock.

As a warrior, you have the ability to cast powerful spells, and your weapon skills allow you to inflict damage with melee strikes.

This means you’ll have to think strategically as you play to survive, and it also means that you’ll be equipped with a wide array of magical items to help you survive in combat.

For this article, we’ll be covering the basics of warlock combat, including class, equipment, spells, feats, and other tools to assist you.

Warlock Class Basics 1.

Class When you create a character in Warlords of Draenor, you get the option to pick between one of three classes.

These classes have unique abilities that they use to help them deal damage and defend the world.

Warrior 1.

The Warrior is a fighter who specializes in melee combat, using their weapons and magical abilities to inflict as much damage as possible.

While the Warrior class is the primary combat class, they can also be a tank, using shields and armor to survive in the fight.

The Warriors can also cast powerful magic spells, but they lack the range and damage they would have otherwise.


The Paladin 2.

A Paladin is a warrior who specializes with long-range ranged attacks.

The best part about a Paladin is that they can cast their spells in close combat.

The damage they can do is unparalleled, and they have a lot of support spells, including protection from all types of magical attacks.


The Wizard 3.

A Wizard is a mage specializing in long-ranged magic.

While not a pure fighter, a Wizard can be a very effective mage.

They can cast spells that allow them to cast magic spells that can damage enemies, and also cast spells with a range and duration that allow for long-lasting magic effects.

What is a Warlock?

Warlock Basics A Warlock is an incredibly powerful class in Warlord.

They are able to cast a variety of powerful spells that will deal significant damage to foes, and their weapon skills make them great at dealing damage in close range combat.

These abilities are very effective against melee attackers, as well as enemies who use ranged weapons, and can be used to deal massive amounts of damage in the battle.

WarriorsWarlock Stats The Warrior’s class has a variety in the way that they deal damage, and the Warrior has a wide variety of weapons.

The Warlock’s weapon skill allows them to use powerful magical spells, which can be very powerful in the right hands.

The ability to gain and use a number of magical effects allows them, at times, to be a versatile warrior.

They also have the option of using their magical abilities as ranged attacks to inflict significant damage on foes.

Warrior Stats The warrior’s class provides many different benefits to them.

They have a wide range of weapons that they’re able to use to inflict massive damage on enemies.

Their weapon skills are powerful and can help them survive in close ranged combat.

Their ability to inflict magic spells has many uses in combat, and is also an important part of their arsenal.

The WizardStats The wizard’s class is a powerful mage that can cast powerful magical spell that can cause great damage to enemies.

While their spells are less potent than a warrior’s, their magic attacks have a large range, and have a high damage output.

The wizard can cast a wide assortment of spells that are effective against all types, as they have ranged attacks and can cast magic in close to the ground.

The class can also use their spells to inflict serious damage on their foes.

What Are the Benefits of Warlocks?

The benefits of warlocks are great.

They’re a great class to learn, as the Warrior can cast multiple powerful spells at the same time.

The warrior can also focus on defensive spells, since their spells can be extremely effective in that regard.

The abilities the class can use are extremely useful for the class.

Warlocks can have a range of magical spells that they cast, which means they’re more useful in melee and close-range combat.

They gain access to a variety from their magic abilities, including healing, buffing, and protection from magic.

Warlords can also learn a variety magic items that will aid them in combat in different ways.

These include a shield, a weapon, and a ring of protection.

WarcriesWarlock EquipmentThe Warlock’s class of choice is a shield.

When the warrior casts their spells, they’re not just able to inflict heavy damage, but also inflict a small amount of damage.

They receive damage based on their class, and then have the chance to use these spells to restore their health, as long as they’re within range.

They may also be able to deal damage with a shield attack.Warcasters

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