AIPAC’s war for Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, has come to an end.

The group’s decision to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in what the organization described as a coup d’etat has led to a major blowback.

Netanyahu was replaced as prime minister by Yaakov Litzman, the chief negotiator of the Knesset and a key leader of the ultra-nationalist Yesh Atid party.

Netayahu Litzmann, the prime minister’s son, who had served as deputy prime minister in Litzmen’s cabinet, has taken the top job of the governing coalition.

The appointment of Litzmans son as prime minster is expected to take place next week.

“The new government is not only the most right-wing in Israeli history, it also represents the most left-wing government in Israeli political history,” Yossi Beilin, the leader of Yesh Iniyeh, the centrist Yesh Onid party, said in a statement.

Netah Litz, Litz’s son and the party’s new leader, said he is taking the helm of the new government in order to “build on the foundations laid by Yaacov Litz and his team in the previous government,” which he said had “destroyed our political, economic and social relations with the rest of the world”.

Netanyahu’s removal from power is the biggest political blow yet to Litz.

Litz was an early supporter of the Yesh Passover festival, a political event that celebrates the holiday of Passover in Jerusalem and has been banned in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Lipsitt, a senior Litz supporter, served as a cabinet minister during the Netanyahu government and served as Netanyahu’s chief of staff.

Netanyahus chief spokesman, Yosshak Herzog, has accused Litz of sabotaging the government by trying to force his way through the Litz party’s reshuffle.

“This is a coup, which is not acceptable,” Herzog said.

“This is the end of an era.”

Netanyahu has faced growing public criticism for his role in the government’s policy of settlement expansion, and his critics have called on him to step down, particularly after the prime ministers son was arrested on suspicion of inciting violence during last month’s Jerusalem riots.

The government of Netanyahu, led by Litz himself, has also faced a growing backlash from Israeli citizens for not responding forcefully to the violence, as well as for its handling of the conflict with Gaza.

The government of Lutz, who is a former Knesses deputy speaker, is also facing pressure from the settler movement.

Netanayahu has said he will take over the role of defense minister and the deputy prime ministership, but the new prime minister has refused to resign, and instead plans to hold a national election.

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