An online poll of Canadian parents has revealed a clear winner when it comes to gift-giving: the mom.

“Mom and daughter are the best,” says Sara Boulanger, founder of the online gift marketplace, Gifts for Mom.

“They’re both super-delicious, they’re both perfect, they have all the same qualities.”

It’s a sentiment shared by some of the parents who participated in the poll.

“I think my daughter’s gifts are more important than the mom’s,” says a mom who’s a certified financial planner.

“She’s the one who’s actually doing all the shopping.”

The poll also found that a good chunk of the respondents were more concerned about their daughter’s safety than their own.

“My daughter’s really stressed out,” says mom of a young daughter.

“But I really worry about her.”

As for which gift should a mom give her daughter, the answers were pretty varied.

Some moms are concerned about the kids’ health and safety, while others were less concerned, and some were not even aware their kids had gifts.

“I just put her on a table and I said, ‘This is a little bit of your time, but if you need to go to the doctor or anything like that, just tell me and we’ll figure it out,'” says mom.

“It’s not like we’re just doing it to give her something, it’s like, ‘If I need you to go, let me know.'”

There are also moms who are concerned their daughter will be too old to take her own kids out to the park and they just don’t have the time.

“We have our own kids, so I would definitely tell her to go and have a picnic with them, but I think it’s a good idea to give the kids something to do and to get them used to the fact that they’re not going to be around anymore,” says one mom.

One of the biggest gifts the survey found moms are most worried about is getting their daughter to the grocery store.

“They’ll probably be worried about their food, but at least they won’t have to pay $30 to get a pack of chips at the grocery,” says Boulangers.

“Then, you’re going to have to pick them up.”

“Mom, if I don’t buy you something to eat for dinner, I don and I’m going to take my kids out of the house.”

“I feel like my daughter is going to hate me if I keep going to the store and I can’t buy her something,” says another mom.

The poll found that parents were also concerned about getting their kids out for activities, like going to a movie or going to soccer practice.

“If I don.t have something to play, it means I need to get something for my kid to do, and I think if they get bored, it might affect their enjoyment of things,” says Pam Grosz, a mother who works as a social worker.

Gifts for Mom also found a lot of moms were concerned about having their kids outside and about getting a ride home.

“That’s kind of the reason I think the car was so important to me.

I didn’t want them to have that problem.

They can’t get to the playground, they can’t play in the park, they need to be able to get to a safe place to be safe,” says Groszz.”

And I just didn’t think I’d be able, but, you know, I think they need a ride.”

The survey also found the top three gifts for moms are a book and some clothes, and the top gift for dads is a set of socks.

“It’s important for moms to take a step back and say, ‘You know, there’s a lot more than just me and my kid,'” says Blesz.

“But, yeah, you do need to give a little more attention to those things and make sure you’re not taking your kids out on the weekends when you’re working, or on vacation.

You don’t want to have kids in the car, and you definitely don’t need to put a lot on.”

Boulangers says the poll was an opportunity to talk about what’s really important to parents and to talk to each other about what is important to their family.

“Just like with any relationship, it comes down to what’s the best way for them to get together, and what’s going to get their attention,” she says.

“What’s really good for them is going out and having a good time and being comfortable and just being a good parent.”

The top 10 gifts that the moms are particularly excited about are: “A little bit, a lot, and a lot” says one dad, while another mom is happy with a book: “I just bought a new set of clothes for my kids, and they’re going out for a week, and it’s going great.”

Another mom was happy with her kids’ baseball team.”My son

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