How do you make a $1,000,000 bonus, with a casino bonus?

The answer: by signing up to a Recode giveaway.

The tech industry’s largest casino bonus site announced Monday that it has a $25,000 code that can be redeemed for a $5,000 gaming bonus from the site.

The code is only available until Dec. 5, and it will be available until January 13.

Recode first reported the deal.

The Recode deal is the latest in a string of Recode’s major deals to win Recode Readers’ votes, and the first major Recode site to give away a $100,000 or more gaming bonus.

In March, Recode broke the news that it was giving away $10 million in cash for the first time, and then announced another $10.6 million in gaming bonus prizes.

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