CSL Plasma will see an increase of up to 5% in 2018 in accordance with the Government’s decision to grant bonus compensation to medical staff, according to a statement from the company.

“As part of the Government decision to award bonus compensation, a new ‘bonus father’ shirt will be introduced,” said the statement from CSL.

“In 2018, the ‘bonk’ shirt is expected to be introduced in the UK.”

The new bonus father shirt will also offer a 5% bonus to all medical staff who take part in the medical workforce bonus scheme, subject to the conditions of the scheme and the health and safety requirements.

“This bonus will be paid in accordance to the standard terms and conditions of employment, and subject to all applicable health and health and Safety Regulations.”

The scheme was set up in 2019, following a consultation with the public and the medical profession.

It is estimated that around 700,000 people will benefit from the scheme, with around 10,000 medical staff and 30,000 members of the public expected to benefit.

However, it will also have an impact on other aspects of the medical and medical staff culture, including the introduction of a uniform.

“In the future, this bonus scheme will have to be modified in accordance of the requirements of the new regulations,” it added.

“The scheme will also include a ‘bonan’ (bonk) shirt, in which a member of staff is awarded a bonus based on the number of days they work.”

It is anticipated that the new bonus scheme and uniform will be rolled out across the industry and across the UK in 2018.”‘

Catch-up’ bonus for workers in EnglandThe Government has also made a catch-up payment to those working in England, who are not covered by the new scheme.

Those affected will receive a £1,000 bonus, subject the worker has no other health and other benefits.”

These bonuses will also provide a catchup payment for those covered by a catch as they move to the private sector, for example through a move to a new job or a change in company.””

Workers eligible for this new bonus will also be eligible for catch-all payment in 2019 of up the same amount.”

These bonuses will also provide a catchup payment for those covered by a catch as they move to the private sector, for example through a move to a new job or a change in company.

“The new scheme was announced in 2019 following consultation with all affected health and medical professions.

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