The latest edition of ESPN Fantasy Basketball gives us the most accurate view on the new incentives available for players on the team you love, and we look at how much they should expect to earn.

For starters, here’s how much teams will receive from the new incentive bonus for each team:• Newly signed players get $250,000 bonus• All non-guaranteed contracts receive $100,000 bonuses• New players earn $150,000 for each of the following:• 2-3 years of service• 3 years of career service• 6-10 years of team service• 10 years of NBA serviceThis means that teams can expect to see their players earn more in 2018-19 than they did in 2018, with the average player earning $2.7 million from the incentive bonus in 2018.

This is a significant boost for the 2018-2019 salary cap, as it should boost teams’ ability to attract the talent that they want.

The NBA will also continue to offer incentives to players who have played more than 30 games in the regular season.

For instance, teams who signed a player with a cap hold of $5.5 million can receive an additional $2,000 in incentives for every 30 games he plays.

The league has already expanded the incentives offered to players with cap holds of more than $5 million, and this is another important part of the league’s strategy to keep players in line.

The new incentives will be available for 2018-2026, which is the first year the new cap rules take effect.

As you can see, the league is starting to take the right approach by increasing incentives for the players who are currently on the roster, and by extending incentives to other players who were under contract in the current season.

There are some caveats that will need to be met for the incentives to be fully effective, and some of these are discussed in our 2018-2020 Salary Cap Guide.

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