It’s a bonus you can’t pass up, but if you’ve got a lot of cash, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re spending it wisely.

Chumba’s casino bonus can be claimed online, and players can claim it for up to $150,000 if they win a single match, with the option to up the bonus to $200,000 and $300,000.

The bonuses come with a cash back of up to 50% on all gambling transactions, including chips and roulette, for the first three months.

The first year you claim the bonus, you’ll earn a $100 bonus for every $1,000 in bet amount you bet in the first six months of playing, with a further $50 for every dollar spent. 

This means you’ll get the full $1 million bonus each time you play.

The casino bonus is split among the five casinos on the island of Chumbas.

Casino Bonus: The Casino Bonus article The bonus is divided into five categories, with casinos awarding bonuses to the top players, the top 10% of players, top 10,000 players, and the top 20% of all players.

The top players earn $500,000 bonus, while the top ten% of casinos earn $1.2 million.

The bottom five casinos earn a base bonus of $200.

The casinos can award additional bonuses up to 10 times a year, but only in a limited number of slots.

The bonus doesn’t stack, so the first $1M of the bonus is spent on one slot in each category, which will last until the bonus’s full allotment is spent.

Players are only able to claim the casino bonus in one of the five slots. 

For example, if you bet $200 in the top slot and win $250,000 on the next three slots, you’d only be able to take $200 off the total bonus, as there is only one slot left.

Casinos with bonus categories have a 10% cashback bonus.

For example: $200 bet in top slot, you get $250 cash back.

If you bet the same amount in the bottom slot, however, you would only be getting $100 cash back, instead of $100. 

If you’re a top player, you could even claim the cash back bonus twice.

For the top player who wins $100,000, the bonus goes to you, while for the top $100M, it goes to the casino.

If your casino is awarded with a bonus of more than the full amount of the previous year’s bonus, players will get a percentage of the winnings.

Players who win a lot can take advantage of this, by winning more than other players.

If they bet the full bonus in each of the slots they played, they could claim a bigger bonus. 

Casino bonuses have a 30% cash back cap, but the bonus won’t be paid until the full allotments of the bonuses have been spent.

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