Why should you care about the Army retention bonus?

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending time with a few Army employees, a couple of whom were working on a bonus program.

The bonuses were good, but I was told that the incentives were not being put into place because the military is in a crisis.

What do we mean by the military crisis?

The military has been in a severe crisis for a long time.

In my book, I wrote about how the US military, which has spent billions of dollars in recent years, was already losing soldiers to disease, neglect, and overtraining.

When I interviewed a few former Army officers who worked on the bonus program, they told me that many of them were forced to leave the military because of their superiors.

The bonus program was created to help fill that gap, but that didn’t mean that the military was happy.

“The military is really broken,” one former officer told me.

“The incentives were just not there.

So, they were forced out.”

The military leadership has not been entirely upfront about what they have done, but they have acknowledged that their incentive programs have been bad.

At the same time, the incentives have not always been clear.

Some incentives have been offered to officers and enlisted men, while others have not been.

For example, the Army will pay up to $1,000 to anyone who works more than 10 hours a week, regardless of whether they earn a salary.

However, a recent report by the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General found that the Army has awarded more than $1 billion worth of incentives to officers in the past five years and that these incentives have only incentivized overwork and underinvestment.

Another incentive that was announced in May 2018 was an incentive for officers who have completed a minimum of 10 years of active duty and who are eligible for the $20,000 annual bonus.

However, the incentive was not designed to encourage them to stay in the military long-term.

This was despite the fact that a study conducted by the Office of Personnel Management found that those who took this incentive for more than a year had lower job satisfaction and less career advancement.

So, what is going on?

The incentives have always been weak, even when the military leadership is in the best position to do so.

What is the Army trying to hide?

According to a report by a former Army officer, the government has tried to cover up the incentives by trying to downplay them.

Specifically, the military wants to downplayed the incentive for those who have been deployed overseas.

It has been estimated that approximately 50% of officers and men who have deployed overseas have not received any bonuses, but there has been no official explanation for this.

According the Army’s official account of the incentives, officers who are deployed overseas receive bonuses based on their service time.

However the Army did not provide an official explanation of why this is the case.

Why are there incentives that are not being implemented?

Some of the reasons for the military not putting the incentives into place are that:1.

The incentives are not going to work.

There are incentives that do work, such as the Army Pay for Performance (PfP) incentive.

But they are not worth $20 billion.

And they are unlikely to work if the incentives are being used as a political weapon.

If the incentives had been put into action, we would be seeing the government pay military families more than they are already paying.


The incentive is not being used to motivate people to stay on active duty.

Many people have questioned why the Army is not doing the same thing with its incentive programs.

A former officer who works for a contractor in a field that has seen large numbers of Army deployments told me, “There is no incentive for people to come back.

I was told by the company that the incentive is just a piece of paper and we are just going to send them a check to go to work.”

The Army is aware of the problem, and the military has tried its best to explain that the bonuses are being put in place to help solve the underlying problem.


The Army is underfunding the incentives.

We know that the pay for performance incentives are underfunded.

That is because the Army, under a law passed in the mid-2000s, is obligated to fund these incentive programs at a rate of $6.1 billion per year.

Under that law, the budget has to be increased to help pay for these incentives.

That increase is a $5 billion increase over the last fiscal year.

However, the current budget of the Department to fund the incentive programs has not kept pace with this increase.


The military leadership doesn’t have the money to pay for them. The

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