Walmart has a new offer that it’s calling “a cash bonus up to $1.5 million for the first time, for any account owner in your loyalty program.”

The bonus is worth $1 million in total for each $1 in value in your new account, up to a maximum of $2 million.

This is a $1 billion bonus, and the company is doubling down on this offer in order to make sure that the company can get the loyalty programs right and make it worth the money.

Walmart has also rolled out a special promotion that lets you redeem your bonus for $500 cash back on all purchases of $1 or more, and this is worth a whopping $1 for $1 of your purchase, up $1 to $2,500 for the most expensive item in your shopping cart, or $3,500 if you buy online.

Walmart’s bonus offers are a big deal for the company, as they are also the same offer that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made last month, which made it mandatory for retailers to give customers a $5,000 cash bonus.

The FTC ruled that the new offer was unfair, because the FTC was claiming that Walmart was giving people a $2.50 bonus, which it was not.

Walmart said that the bonus was actually an additional $5 in cash back, but the FTC disagreed, and it ultimately determined that the $5 bonus was not a cash bonus, but rather a bonus on a regular basis, and that the additional cash bonus was a special incentive that Walmart is making available for loyalty program holders.

It’s worth noting that the FTC also ruled that it wasn’t giving consumers a cash incentive.

The new Walmart bonus offers come on top of the $2 billion bonus that Walmart gave to its own employees last year, but this time around, Walmart is also doubling down by offering a new bonus of $250,000 for new account owners.

This bonus is tied to a $250 bonus for existing accounts, but there are no existing account owners eligible to receive this bonus.

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