On the heels of Nordstrom’s recent acquisition of the controversial “Pray for Jesus” meme, the brand was quick to embrace the meme.

“The Pause Free Shirt is a special moment for us, we have been working with a local Christian ministry for more than a year, and we have created an award for those who share this amazing message.

It is one of the most requested items in our stores, so we wanted to do something special for those in need,” the brand explained in a tweet.

“We wanted to send a clear message that we are not going to stop fighting to help the homeless.

We are just trying to find a way to be a better business.” 

The Pausate shirt was created in response to the viral “Pause Free” meme that surfaced on social media earlier this year, in which a homeless man was photographed wearing a “Pausate Shirt” that had a button emblazoned with the word “Praise Jesus.”

The shirt’s popularity was immediately noticed by some, who called it a “gift for the homeless” and the “bonus” for donating money to the homeless relief organization that has been running the shirt since 2015.

“It is a beautiful shirt, it is a very positive thing.

It was meant to be an uplifting symbol to support the homeless,” the shirt’s creator told ABC News. 

In the end, it’s no surprise the meme caught on.

The “Pasko Shirt” was a viral sensation that prompted many people to donate to the charity and was also the subject of the popular “GIF” meme.

It quickly became a popular meme, which helped boost the brand’s online sales, but now the meme is even more popular with the viral community, according to a brand spokesperson. 

“We have received a ton of positive feedback from our fans.

There are over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and over 150,000 Facebook likes,” the spokesperson said.

“So many people are excited about this and it’s a perfect opportunity to promote the shirt on our social channels, where we have over 2 million followers.”

The meme was also shared by thousands of people on Twitter, where it was viewed over 4 million times and has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube.

“As soon as it hit the web, it exploded,” the marketing executive told ABC.

“Our response was overwhelming.”

The company was quick in responding to the backlash. 

The meme has also become a trending topic on Twitter.

“People were excited about it, and they said they wanted to give it to someone who is in need.

We were just so thrilled to see how quickly people started sharing it.

I think it’s great.

We get a lot of positive press, and it is the type of thing we want to do,” the company spokesperson said, noting that the company had received several requests from celebrities to use the meme for their own social media content.

“They wanted to use it as a way of saying ‘Thank you for all you do for the poor people out there, I want to give my love to a homeless person who is homeless,'” the spokesperson continued.

“I think it is great.

I just think it will spread like wildfire.” 

“I am glad to see this positive reaction.

We have a lot to offer our fans and we think it makes a positive impact on the homeless in need.” 

Nordstrom is the first major retailer to adopt a meme campaign that has become a viral phenomenon. 

As it has done with other viral campaigns, the company is taking steps to educate its fans on how to use “Pasque for Jesus,” the word in the meme, in their own content. 

Nars launched the campaign on Tuesday with a Facebook video and a series of tweets.

“This is a great way to help those in our community who are struggling and need a little support,” the video states.

“Psaate is a word of faith that means love.

It has helped countless people in the homeless community.

It gives us hope that God will love us and bless our work and give us peace.” 

 “A great way for fans to help a homeless family is to share a Pasko shirt with their friends.

We want to let people know we are donating and that we have support for them,” the tweets continue.

“Many fans have said, ‘Thanks, Nordstrom, for taking the time to promote my faith, my faith in God, and the work that you do with our team.'” 

“It is so inspiring to see so many people respond positively to the message of ‘Passe for Jesus,'” the brand spokesperson said in an email to ABC News, noting it was “a positive way to spread the word.”

“This viral campaign was created to give the homeless a place to call home and express their love and support for the brand.

It’s a powerful message that brings us joy

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