The new Android update for games is now live, and a few big name games are getting it.

The first big addition is “Grand Theft Auto 5,” which gets a big overhaul, including new multiplayer modes and a “bonus saver” mode for players who have already purchased the game.

The update is available to everyone who already owns Grand Theft Auto V on Google Play, and is available for $1.99 on iOS and Android.

The rest of the games get new content as well, with “Halo 5” getting a new weapon, “Unravel” getting new multiplayer and “Titanfall 2” getting the same as-yet-unnamed mode.

The game is also getting a “new update” to its multiplayer, and this is going to be the only new content update for “Horde.”

All of these updates come in a week.

There are also a few minor tweaks, including an update to “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 9” and a new unlockable character, which will let players unlock a new golf weapon.

This update is currently available to the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, so it should be ready to go before April 1.

The most notable addition is the “Super Bowl” update, which brings “Super Mario Run” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” to Android, and brings in a new “Grand Prix” mode, which lets players race to get to the highest score in the world.

“StarCraft II” gets a “New Update” to the multiplayer, as well as a new story mission.

All of this content is coming out the same day as the game’s April 1 release, so you’ll need to download it in the coming days to experience all of the new content.

The new “Hive” update for mobile has also been released, with the update arriving on April 2nd, and bringing with it a few new multiplayer maps, new characters, and more.

The “HIVE” update will also include a new online matchmaking system, which allows players to compete in their own custom games.

The last update for the game is the latest to arrive, “Hearthstone” update.

This is the first update for Hearthstone, which is coming to Android on April 8th.

This version will include a “Harrisonburg” expansion for the expansion, and will bring in new characters and a lot of new cards.

The release of this update will not include the previously-announced “Haven” expansion, which would add more cards, new cards, and new characters to the game and allow players to level up and unlock new cards and modes.

“Havoc” update coming on April 6th This is a new update for players of “Hoard” and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and it adds a new raid to the mix.

“Savage” update is coming on March 2nd This is another new update, this time for players in the “Mage: The Ascension” expansion.

This expansion includes new characters including an orc, a mage, and two new playable races.

The raid is coming later this week, but will be in the middle of the expansion’s launch on April 5th.

There is also an “Alliances” update in the works, which includes a new campaign, a new set of quests, and an update that will let you level up the faction and unlock their new cards as well.

There will also be “Heroics” updates for both of these expansion’s expansions, which add new rewards for players.

All the new and updated content coming to the games on April 4th and 5th will be free.

There have been plenty of other updates to the Google Play Store for a while now, and while some of the major ones have been free, there are also some free-to-play games that have had major updates as well: “Super Smash Bros.” for Android and iOS now comes with free-roaming, and “Battlefield 1” for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, is also available for free on GooglePlay.

Free-to, non-playable games that are free-of-charge are coming to Google Play later this year, including “Grandfather” for iOS and Mac, “Kingdom Hearts II” for Nintendo 3DS, “Wii Fit” for Wii U, and the “Saints Row IV” series for PlayStation 4.

There’s a new free-for-all game coming to iOS on April 12, “League of Legends.”

That game is a free-play title, and we have no idea when it will be released.

The developer behind it has yet to announce its release date.

Other games that will be available for the free-day include “Marvel Heroes” and the upcoming “Star Trek Online,” “Pixiv Pixiv Pixvii” for the PlayStation Vita, and some other free-based games.

These games are coming soon,

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