GTA 5 is officially the best game of the year for a variety of reasons, according to game critic Matthew Rosenberg, but the big one isn’t a surprise.

The bonus days have been there all along, he writes.

But the one that will make you feel the most is the news that a massive GTA 5 bonus day is about to be officially announced on February 16, 2020.

“The last bonus day of GTA Online was on February 8, and that was the day when the last GTA Online players will be able to collect a huge amount of cash,” Rosenberg says.

“That means that the GTA Online community is celebrating its big bonus on February 14.

It’s a big deal, especially considering the massive GTA Online content that will be available on the same day.”

GTA Online: a free to play online multiplayer game, it’s an interesting game.

I like the way it’s set up.

I think that it’s very interesting.

I love the way people can customize their characters and their personalities.

But I feel that the main thing that sets it apart is the community that has been around for quite a while and the content that they have to play.

GTA Online has a huge community, but I’ve been playing it for so long now that I don’t think it’s really a big part of my everyday life.

GTA 5: the last big GTA bonus day?

What do you think about this?

Will it help drive people to the GTA website?

What other GTA 5 bonuses are you going to be able and willing to celebrate?

And what is your biggest regret in the GTA series?

Find out more about GTA 5.

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