The bonuses are a big deal for Navy families, with many of them expecting to take home a large chunk of their monthly paychecks in the event of the war.

While the bonuses are paid to military spouses in addition to their spouses, the Navy is offering them in a way that is also generous.

For example, the bonus for a spouse who has earned four years of service in the Navy will increase to $2,000 if the spouse is married.

The bonus will be doubled if the married spouse has earned more than four years and the spouse who earned more will receive $1,000.

For married spouses with no service, the new bonus will increase by $1.50.

For military spouses with four years or more of service, it will increase from $1 to $1 a year.

The Navy also is allowing the spouses to get a “bonus child bracelet” that is a $500 bracelet with a number on the front that is randomly generated.

The bracelet will be given to the spouse when they are married and the number on it will be added to their paychecks when they remarry.

The money goes to the couple’s education fund and can be used to pay for education, child care, health care, and a variety of other expenses, the website says.

This is a big win for the Navy.

The Pentagon’s new plan to increase the bonuses in 2018 is part of a larger plan to pay more to spouses who are eligible for the bonuses.

The bonuses will now be paid in monthly installments, rather than monthly installments per month, so that the money can be invested at the end of each month.

In addition, if the spouses work in the military, they will be able to earn additional paychecks, which will be paid out in quarterly increments.

The new bonus plan is not the only thing that the Navy has done to pay off the $17.7 trillion war debt.

The budget is also giving a big bonus to new recruits and their families, which is part

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