Cashback offers a unique opportunity for consumers who have purchased the best and most luxurious hotel rooms for themselves and family members.

As part of a bonus program, you can earn cashback of up to 5% on hotel stays, as well as on the purchase of a hotel room and all other purchases made at the hotel.

To earn the bonus, simply check out a hotel in India and check the number of rooms in the list of rooms you have booked.

After clicking on the hotel, you will be given a confirmation email to fill in a profile to earn a bonus.

The bonus is calculated based on the number and amount of rooms booked in the bonus room and can be applied towards future purchases.

The number of hotel rooms you booked for the bonus will be converted to a percentage and added to your credit card account.

For example, if you booked 4 rooms in a bonus room, you would earn 10% of your credit cards balance, up to $2,500.

There is no limit to how much you can redeem.

If you are a hotel owner and would like to get a credit card with a cashback bonus, you should check out our article on how to get one.

The offer will be available on the top 50 luxury hotels in India, in partnership with

For more information, check out this article.


Hotel Belk – Best of Belk 2.

Hotel Ritz – Best Value 3.

Hotel Taj Mahal – Best in Class 4.

KFC – Best Restaurant 5.

Marriott Marquis – Best Hotel 6.

Hilton HHonors – Best Airport Hotel 7.

Best Value – Hotel Royal Bordeaux 8.

Marriott Kite Runner – Best Choice of Hotels 9.

Bordeau Hotel – Best Experience 10.

Hyatt Regency – Best Luxury Hotels in Paris 11.

KLM Grand Central Station – Best Airline Airline in France 12.

Marriott Regency Residence – Best Place to Stay in New York 13.

Marriott Residence in Dubai – Best International Airport in Dubai 14.

Marriott Grand Hyatt – Best Business Travel Destination in the World 15.

InterContinental Hotels – Best New Orleans Hotel in the US 16.

Best New York City Hotel – Marriott Marquise Residence 17.

Best European Travel Destination 18.

Hilton Honors – World’s Best Hotel 19.

Hilton Hyatt Residence and Residence Inn – Best Resorts in New Orleans 20.

Best Hotel in Dubai in India 21.

Marriott Bayfront – Best Destination in New Jersey 22.

Best Resort in Dubai 23.

Best Luxe Hotel in Singapore 24.

Best Airport Hotels on TripAdvisor 25.

Best Hotels to Stay at in Dubai 26.

Best Best Resort in Singapore 27.

Best Destination and Best Place in Dubai 28.

Best Airports in Europe 29.

Best Accommodation in India 30.

Best Beachfront Location in New Zealand 31.

Best Place for a Spa in India 32.

Best Waterfall Resort in India 33.

Best City for the Best Wedding 34.

Best Event Destination in Europe 35.

Best Sports Resort in Singapore 36.

Best Country in Europe 37.

Best Hospital in India 38.

Best Travel Destination to Take a Trip to Japan 39.

Best Residence to Stay with your Family 40.

Best Location for a Vacation in the Caribbean 41.

Best Tourist Resort in the Americas 42.

Best Holiday Destination in Asia 43.

Best Shopping Destination in Africa 44.

Best Fashion Destination in India 45.

Best Restaurant in Europe 46.

Best Nightlife Destination in Southeast Asia 47.

Best Museum in Asia 48.

Best Music Destination in North America 49.

Best Entertainment Destination in Australia 50.

Best Festival Destination in Brazil 51.

Best Wedding Destination in Argentina 52.

Best Business Destination in Turkey 53.

Best Cultural Destination in China 54.

Best International Hotel in Thailand 55.

Best Food & Wine Destination in Mexico 56.

Best Movie Destination in Spain 57.

Best Classic Restaurant in China 58.

Best Live Music Destination on the Moon 59.

Best Theater Destination in Hong Kong 60.

Best Art Museum in Japan 61.

Best Dining Place in India 62.

Best Theatre Destination in Italy 63.

Best Dance Destination in Russia 64.

Best Beauty & Fashion Destination on Earth 65.

Best Sport Destination in Indonesia 66.

Best Tennis Destination in France 67.

Best Aquatic Resort in Brazil 68.

Best Sauna Destination in Hawaii 69.

Best Fitness Destination in Iceland 70.

Best Garden Destination in Sweden 71.

Best Family Friendly Resort in Mexico 72.

Best Casino Destination in Bahamas 73.

Best Wine & Spirits Destination in Puerto Rico 74.

Best Sporting Event Destination on Planet Earth 75.

Best Bar & Grill Destination in Dubai 76.

Best Supermarket Destination in Thailand 77.

Best Natural Food Destination in Singapore 78.

Best Restaurants in Japan 79.

Best Booking a Hotel Room in Thailand 80.

Best B&B Destination in Switzerland 81.

Best Cancun Hotel Destination in Colombia 82.

Best Venue Destination in Costa Rica 83. Best

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