Now Playing: Xbox One S is $1000 cheaper than PlayStation 4 Pro Now Playing 1:20 How to Get Your New iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus Now Playing 6:30 How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone 6 Now Playing 4:00 How to Build a $250,000 Home Theater System Now Playing 5:00 Apple Watch Sport 2nd Edition Now Playing 3:00 What To Know About iPhone Xs Max Now Playing 2:40 Apple Watch Series 5: Apple Watch Pro Now Using Amazon Alexa to Make New Music Now Playing 0:48 How to Make Your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Sound Better Now Playing 11:30 Apple Watch Apple Watch Next to Google Home Now Playing 10:00 Amazon Alexa: How to Use Your Google Home to Make Calls Now Playing 9:00 The Top 6 Ways to Get More Sleep Now Playing 8:00 Best Apple Watches of 2018 Now Playing 7:00 Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa in Your Home Now Using Spotify to Play New Songs Now Playing 66% of Americans say they have used Spotify for at least one day Now Playing 65% of Millennials prefer to buy a TV Now Playing 55% of US adults own a streaming device Now Playing 52% of people use Amazon Alexa as their primary digital assistant Now Playing 51% of adults own an Android phone Now Playing 45% of millennials own an Amazon Echo Now Playing 42% of smartphone users have a personal assistant Now Using a personal digital assistant as your primary digital voice assistant Now Looking for a better deal?

We’ve found the best deals for all the new products and services announced in the last 24 hours Now Playing 19% of kids and teens have smartphones now, but don’t expect to see them in the car anytime soon Now Playing 27% of men have a smartphone, but women still account for 60% of all smartphone users Now Playing 24% of women own smartphones, but men still account, at least in part, for 60 percent of smartphone owners Now Playing 22% of U.S. adults own smartphones Now Playing 20% of college students own smartphones now Now Playing 18% of American households have smartphones Now Using Siri to Make Instant Messages Now Playing 12% of teens own smartphones but only 6% of the U.N. said they were using the service Now Playing 23% of parents of college-age children said they use Siri Now Playing 15% of households have more than one smartphone now Now Using the app Apple Watch to track your steps Now Playing 17% of teen boys and 18%, teen girls, use apps to stay fit Now Using Apple Watch as a voice assistant to help you learn more about a brand Now Playing 35% of young people say they watch news on their phones, but only 15% do so regularly Now Playing 28% of younger adults have a computer in their home now, up from 10% in 2016 Now Playing 29% of high school seniors use the app Snapchat to share photos Now Playing 32% of millennial men and 21% of older men say they’ve had a Snapchat filter installed Now Playing 36% of those surveyed have a smart home device.

Now Playing 31% of seniors use their smartphone for tasks such as scheduling appointments, grocery shopping, social media and video chatting Now Playing 43% of 18- to 29-year-olds use the smartphone to make their appointments and schedules Now Playing 46% of youth use a smart speaker in their homes Now Playing 56% of users are now able to turn on and control their smart home devices Now Playing 21% more teens are using a smart thermostat Now Playing 38% of students use Snapchat to post their photos Now Using Snapchat to communicate with their family Now Playing 47% of girls have a Snapchat account Now Playing 26% of Snapchat users have used it to communicate privately with their parents Now Playing 37% of consumers have a social media account.

Now Using Instagram to share pictures from their lives now.

Now More than 2.3 million people worldwide have a Facebook account Now Using an app like Snapchat to manage their Instagram posts Now Using Pinterest to post pictures from Pinterest Now Using Facebook Messenger to send a message to a friend.

Now Instagram users are sharing more than 1 billion photos now.

More than half of teens use Instagram to stay connected with friends Now Playing 41% of respondents to a new Pew Research survey say they want to be more active in the digital age Now Playing 30% of children aged 5 and younger say they use Snapchat now More than 40% of teenagers and adults in the U:S.

have used Snapchat to keep in touch with their families.

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