Checking bonus will be up from 6 a.m.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

You can get up to 5,000 Chase checking and savings points a year starting April 1.

Here are some ways to spend your Chase checking or savings bonus.

Bonuses and perks.

Chase checking bonuses and perks are listed in the following categories.

Bonus categories: Earn points for every eligible purchase you make at Chase Chase stores and online.

Earn bonus points for the purchase of eligible merchandise and accessories.

Earn bonuses on Chase purchases made at Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Walgreens, Kohl’s, Target, Kohls, Target Meals and more.

Free spins bonus.

You may earn up to 1,000 free spins points for each eligible purchase made on and on your Chase account.

This bonus is valid at participating retailers and online stores.

Free purchases qualify for the Chase free spins bonus for up to 2,500 points.

Free points are redeemable for eligible merchandise, up to $25 and up to 10 free spins per month at participating stores and at and

Bonus cash back.

Chase Cash Back is available to earn points and earn cash back at participating Chase stores.

Cash back earns points for all eligible purchases made with a qualifying Chase credit card.

Cash Back must be used within 2 months of the date of purchase.

Limit 1 cash back per household per credit card account.

Cashback is not redeemable at participating shops.

Rewards are not valid on Chase or Chase cards.

Cash redemption, cash balance or cash back are subject to change without notice.

Interest rates and restrictions apply.

Cash rewards are not eligible for cash back, cash value, cash back bonus, Chase Cash Rewards, Chase cash-back bonus or other rewards programs.

Limit one redemption per household.

Cash balance and cash back is not eligible.

Rewards can be used on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Cash and cash value is not redeemed for cash or cash value.

Cash value may not be transferred or combined with other cash or value rewards programs, offers, or offers and may not transfer with other rewards.

Offer valid on select Chase credit cards and online services, including Chase.

Com, Chase.CA, ChaseMobile and ChaseVisa.

Rewards cannot be redeemed for gift cards or cash or for other promotional offers.

Chase cards, including credit cards issued by Chase Bank USA and Chase Bank International, are not covered.

Other restrictions apply, including minimum spending and transaction thresholds.

Chase and Chase partners may offer cashback on purchases of eligible Chase products and services.

You must select the cashback option from the applicable promotional offer to earn rewards.

CashBack rewards are subject a $1.50 annual fee.

Limit 5,500 cashback per calendar year per qualifying Chase account, per person, per account.

Points are not redeemible for cash.

Cash can be transferred to a qualifying card, which can then be used at eligible Chase stores or online.

Limit 10 cashback purchases per transaction.

Cash cannot be transferred with other offers, offers or other products and cannot be used in conjunction with any other credit card or online offer.

Cash, Cash Value and Cashback can be redeemed only for cash value or cash return or gift cards.

Limit 15 cashback transactions per calendar month.

Cash is not transferable or combined to a Chase account or to other offers or rewards programs; can be converted to cash value at select Chase stores; and may be exchanged for cash and value on the purchase date at select retail stores.

Limit $5,000 in cash value per calendar-month.

Cash will not be converted for cash in the same transaction.

Limit 3,000 points per calendar day per eligible Chase account for eligible purchases, or 1,500 per transaction, for eligible Chase credit, debit, prepaid and travel purchases made on or through Chase.

Completing the application and agreeing to the terms of this offer may result in your account being terminated.

Offer not valid in Puerto Rico.

Not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the U.K., Canada or Switzerland.

Other exclusions and limits apply.

Credit cards and other rewards may not qualify.

Not available in Puerto Rican markets.

Cardmember and signup for a new Chase card will not transfer your Chase Card to a different Chase Cardmember.

Credit Card terms and conditions apply.

Terms may change without prior notice.

Limit up to one free credit or debit card per household and up, to, and including the free credit card offer.

You are not entitled to receive any additional free credit cards or debit cards or a bonus reward on the same eligible transaction.

Rewards may not apply to eligible Chase.

Cash back is a cash value product, which is not convertible to cash, but may be redeemed at select participating retailers for cash, cash equivalent or cash equivalent value.

For more information on redeeming

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