Bank bonuses offer a variety of rewards and incentives, from bonus offers to free flights, and can be used in many ways.

In some cases, these bonuses can even help you get ahead of competition and boost your earning potential.

This article looks at the best bank bonuses available today.1.

Chase Freedom and Capital One Free Checking BonusesWith the new $300 bonus on top of the $1,000 bonus on the Chase Freedom you earn on top-up deposits, it is worth checking out this new offering. 

This bonus is available to the first $1k of your Chase Freedom balance within six months of your first free deposit of $300 or more. 

If you earn $1 million in a 12-month period, you will get $500 back, with no minimum balance requirement. 

It also offers a $10,000 cash back bonus after you spend $1.5 million on eligible purchases within 30 days. 

For a full list of the bonus offers available on the Freedom, visit or

Capital One $100 Checking BonusOn the Capital One Freedom, you can get up to a $100 bonus on your first $500 in purchases. 

Capital One has been offering the $100 checking bonus for more than a year now, and has a number of offers available. 

In addition to the $200 cash back offer, you also get a $1 annual fee discount. 

You also get bonus checks of up to $500, with an annual minimum balance of $1M. 

The bonus is based on the number of points you have at the time of signing up for the bonus. 

These points can be redeemed for a range of benefits, including rewards such as travel rewards, travel credits, and the Capital America Ultimate Rewards® credit card. 

A bonus of up from $100 to $1K is available each year. 

Additionally, Capital One offers the $150 bonus bonus on up to 5% of eligible purchases and a $50 bonus on all other purchases.

You also can get a free trial of Capital One Credit®. 

With the Capital Plus card, you get the same $100 cash back, but you can earn up to 1,000 points on your card, depending on the card.

Capital Plus also offers an $18 credit toward travel purchases on eligible travel purchases, such as flights. 

Finally, Capital Plus has a $25 annual fee that can be waived for eligible purchases.

The Capital One Checking bonus offers up to up to 4% interest on your account, which is a flat rate of 2.75%. 

You can also receive up to an additional $100 in rewards on eligible spending and purchases.

 To sign up, you’ll need to complete a one-time online application, sign up at, and follow the steps. 

Citi Prestige Credit Card, Visa Infinite Card, and Discover Unlimited Credit Cards One of the most popular and lucrative bank bonus offers on the Citi Prestigem Credit card, the CITC is one of the best in the industry. 

On top of all the great rewards on the credit card, there are also a number different bonuses available, including a $250 bonus on first $5,000 in purchases and an $200 bonus on any eligible spending. 

There are also other bonuses such as a $150 travel credit or a $400 credit on any purchases of $2,000 or more for the next six months. 

To earn the $250 CITCs cash back on purchases of up $2.2 million, you must earn at least $2 million in purchases in your first three months.

You can then earn an additional 10% cash back for up to 2.5% of your total eligible spending within 60 days of your initial credit card purchase. 

Here’s the full list: CITC, Visa, Infinite, Unlimited, and 3.

Chase Free Checking BonusWith the Chase Unlimited checking bonus offer, there is a $300 cash back and up to 10% bonus on select purchases within 90 days of account opening. 

When you make a $500 purchase within 90 calendar days of opening, you earn a $200 free cash back credit. 

Within 90 days after the first purchase of $500 or more, you qualify for a $5 cash back off any eligible purchase, up to your minimum balance. 

Once you reach your minimum credit balance, you automatically earn a new $500 bonus on eligible spend. 

Another way to earn a cash back is to make at least 5 qualifying purchases within six weeks of opening.

You can then make up to 6 qualifying purchases for a total of $25 cash back. 

Check out to find out more.4.

Capitalone Chase Freedom Checking BonusOne of Capitalone’s new Chase Freedom checking bonuses is a big one

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