Binge on is a streaming service that lets you watch movies and TV shows from your smartphone without actually paying for them.

It’s a similar service to Netflix, but with a little more control over how the content is displayed.

It has a lot of perks: You can pay for movies on its app, and you can add it to a collection that you can access on other services, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any of the big online video services.

Here are some of the most popular options: $1.99 to watch the same movie for free $2.99 for a movie and up to three shows on one card ($1.49 to watch a show for free, up to two movies on one credit card, or two shows for free with up to five cards).

$4.99 (free with a two-month subscription) to watch five movies for free.

$5.99 or more (free for a year) to stream a show or movie for $10 per month.

Free with a one-year subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix.

$9.99 if you have a Netflix membership.

There’s also a special BingeOn coupon code that can be redeemed for a special offer.

That code is redeemable at or via the Bingeon mobile app. 

What are some other perks that Binge Off offers?

Free unlimited access to the Netflix app with a Netflix Unlimited subscription.

The BingeOff app has an “in-app” TV Everywhere option, allowing you to stream your shows on your TV or other devices.

You can also sign up for the “BingeOnTV Everywhere” service and watch movies on the go.

There are also discounts on certain devices. 

If you have Netflix Premium, you can watch a movie or show with no subscription fee, as long as you also have an existing BingeO subscription.

Netflix also offers a special discount for new customers, which is $10 off the regular price of the program. 

The Netflix app has a number of other deals, including a $20 off offer for new subscribers, $20 to watch 5 episodes of a show at once for free on a single credit card for a period of 24 hours, and an exclusive offer of $50 off a single show, a free Netflix app account and unlimited Netflix movie rentals for a limited time. 

Other ways to watch movies at a fraction of the price of a traditional cable or satellite subscription: $10 off a movie with no additional fees at Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hulu. 

$5 off a TV show for a week on any streaming service, including Netflix. 

Plus, Binge ON can stream movies, TV shows, and TV episodes from the Disney, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, and YouTube platforms for a monthly fee.

The deal includes an annual fee of $29.99. 

Binge ON is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, South Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand-Korea, Taiwan-China, Taiwan and Vietnam. 

Netflix is the only streaming service to offer a free two-year trial.

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