You know the kind of money you can get with the Azriel card: $2k for a 3 month bonus.

And now you know the exact number.

The Azriel Card was created by investment expert Arielle Schatz.

She got the card to help her earn $2 million in the first year, and the $2.2 million that she earned in 2017 and 2018, she said, was all from investments.

Schatz told ABC News she earned the money on her own with no help from anyone.

Her bonus was the result of her earning $500,000 from a new company that she started and $500k from a $5 million stock investment.

She used the money to pay off debts, she explained.

She said she’s had to sell her house, pay back loans, pay off the mortgage on her house and keep a $6,000 a month health insurance payment.

But she said the card helped her to pay for her new business.

She was able to open her first store with the help of the card, which is a new way to invest money for businesses, she added.

Schatz said she was able spend $2 Million on the Azria Card, which has a $2K bonus that she can redeem for $2M of bonuses from other cards.

The card will not work on her husband’s new investment account.

Schats, a former investment advisor, said the cards are not as popular as other investments.

I think it is going to be hard to beat the $100k+ for the Azaria card.

You have to go to a lot of people who are doing the same thing.

The card has helped Schatz earn $5M in bonuses since the card’s launch in May.

It’s also allowed her to invest in a new business with the card.

Schitz said she decided to start the business after the Azia card had helped her pay off her credit card debt and her mortgage.

She said she didn’t know how to make money off of investing on the card because it was a new kind of investment.

She’s been able to pay the bills and save up enough money to buy a home, which she and her husband are building together.

The two have a new baby and have started their own business.

The $2million she made from the Azoria Card, plus another $3 million from the $5m she invested in a business with it, is enough to pay her rent and mortgage.

Schwitz said she wants to stay in this business and make the most of her opportunities.

She is looking for other investments for her business.

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