The Chase Chase bonus offer is now available on the Uber app for Uber and Lyft users, offering a $1,000 bonus for the first $2,000 in total spend in a calendar year. 

If you’re a new rider or a frequent Uber user, it’s a big bet that you’ll be a very happy customer for at least the first year.

For those who already have Uber or Lyft in their budget, it also allows you to earn $200 in bonus cash back in the first month you’re in the Uber/Lyft app. 

“We are very pleased to see the success of the Chase Bonus offer, and the number of riders and drivers using the app continues to grow,” said Kevin Lee, CEO of Chase, in a statement.

“We look forward to seeing more of our customers using the Chase Card to earn even more rewards and rewards for our drivers and riders.”

As of Wednesday morning, the $1 million bonus offer was available on both Uber and UberX, as well as on the Lyft app.

It was also available on Lyft, the ride-sharing app that’s now owned by Uber.

It can be used to earn rewards, including $1.2 million in cash back, and can be earned on any Chase credit card.

UberX has the largest pool of riders, and Chase is the most popular of the big three for the company.

Uber is also known for offering its own cards that offer cash back on rides, but those cards are usually limited to certain locations.

UberX also lets users earn cash back by taking a taxi, as opposed to getting in one of the UberX cars.

Uber is also the only ride-hailing service to offer an official Uber card, though the company’s app is currently not accepting new riders.

The Uber Card, on the other hand, is available for the Uber cardholder to use on all UberX rides, and offers up to $1 in bonus bonus cash when you get in the car.

In its statement, Chase noted that the Chase Chase Card is available to all Uber and Chase customers.

Chase also says it will be making an official $1 Million bonus offer to new Chase Cardholders in the next few days. 

The Chase bonus offers are similar to those offered on Uber and on Lyft in the past, but now you can use the Chase card to earn the cash back you get from those apps.

The offer will be available on UberX and Lyft in two new categories, “Personal Rewards,” and “Cash Back,” in which you can earn the $200 cash back that you can then use to pay for a meal, a car rental, or a credit card for a personal shopper.

“We look to continue to offer the best possible rewards for riders and employees,” said Chase’s Lee.

“For Uber and its drivers, Chase Cardmembers who use UberX will now be able to earn additional cash back and get rewards for Lyft, such as $500 cash back for the Lyft card.

These are the benefits we’re bringing to our customers, and we are excited to see them use the cards on Uber.”

In the future, Chase will offer a $2 million bonus for new Chase cardholders, and for Chase Card members who also have a Chase card, the offer will include $500 in bonus money that can be redeemed for a Lyft card or UberX car rental.

The Chase Card’s official launch is still three months away.

For now, you can still get a free ride on any UberX or Lyft ride by signing up for the Chase app.

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